Princess Serenity

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Princess Serenity:king crimson


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Serenity


Louise_Hiraga The most beatuful Serenity *_*

Sakuri your photoshoots of serenity is awesome, I love

lulupretty you are very beautifull!!i like it! this so awesome!

Francesca C. wow,your version is wonderful!added to favourites

KoriStarfire Hey, So I love this costume and I think you look wonderful! But just so you know, someone may be using your pictures without your permission. I just wanted to let you know:

Hateshinai OMG! this is amazing. You are soo pretty!

Sai-yan so lovely...*.*

darkimmortal amazing so beautiful and graceful.

Erinchu My god, this is amazing!

khemet one word! PERFECT!

Yuna-chan breathtakingly beautiful, perfect!

usakou beautiful^^

SeeraaSataan This is a perfect dream! i love this cosplay

kira5 Kawaiiiiiiii j'adore de trop Tu es trop magnifique :D

Saphira112 You and your cosplay are just gorgeous. Beautiful pictures!

nina gyaboo perfect :D

rayna you make a gorgeous princess~

earthmommy Your so cute and you look great

konataFTW oh I'm lovnig the glow effects x3 makes your face pop O_O

~kingdomhearts~ hiyas i like your Costume