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I'm so practically done with this! If I hadn't run out of trim last night, it would have been done. But I got lazy and yeah. So...all that's left is to do the trim detail on the bottom part of the sleeves, add the bows to the back of the dress, add the fake pockets, then finish the tie. Yay! And look at the date! Still 4 days until SakuraCon! No last-minute cosplays! Yippee!!

We're making a lot of progress here! :3 The dress is about 75% done. I need to finish the seams and sew on the buttons then her dress is complete! However, since I messed up her dress, I need to go out and buy about 2 yards more of fabric to make her sleeves. (Which I think will take me a couple hours to finish when I get the money to buy the rest of the fabric.) My wig should be shipped out by the end of the week. I'm very very excited to have this almost done. Then I can help my partner with Break for SakuraCon. :3

I have the fabric, the pattern, and even the wig & the boots are on commission at this point. All that's left for me is to cut and sew it, then get the little tiny details. Then wait for my wig and boots to arrive.


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bearmoon I commissioned them from AGLand off ebay.

Ichigo Knight Ohmygawd, you're the best Echo I've seen! Seriously good. Who did you commission your boots from?