Seres Victoria




This uniform is modeled after Seres Victoria's Hellsing uniform as seen in the anime. I used a premade costume and then hand altered the collar and the skirt to fit the costume better. I also hemmed the bottom of the jacket to make the body seem longer like Seres'.


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Created 13 years ago
Series Hellsing
Character Seres Victoria
Variant Ceres


Southparkninja Ah police girl. I'm just sad that ADV films is dropping the OVA series i've heard OVA 4 is the last one :(. I hope its not true!!!

Sima Seph17 I remember you! I saw you at Fanime '07. Not sure if you'd remember me though... I was the Sephiroth with the live steel blade. We met, albeit briefly, outside on Saturday morning I believe. Eh.. anyway, randomly... Hi!