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This is one of those costumes that had been in the planning stages for (what feels like) eternity. When the artwork first popped up on the Korean RO website this was the first of the 3.1 designs that I latched on to almost immediately. A few months later I had this giant bag of white fun fur, beige and brown faux suede and crazy looking piping cord. I think that was back in March 2004, or at least 2005 ... I can't keep track anymore.

It took me until the summer of 2006 to actually drag out the big bag of fabric that I'd been lugging around through two moves and get to work on something. My aim was to have it ready for the F.D.C.A's "Ragnarok Online: The Musical!" skit for the masquerade at Fan Expo Canada at the end of the summer, but literally the night before the show, after almost no sleep for a week I had to give up. So the new goal became Youmacon 2006.

About the costume itself, the cape is a combination of butchering 2 different patterns, plus a lot of free handing by myself and Amy_the_Yu (she helped with the shape of the collar). There is a ridiculous amount of hand sewing in that stupid thing, as the round edges all along the cape are all turned back over this really thick piping cord and then hand stitched down. The collar sticks up nicely because of the 5 pieces of ridgiline sewn into it along the back.

The pattern for the dress was made completely by hand. I worked out the pattern by marking out the style lines I wanted on a dressform and then transferring them to scrap fabric, then making a mock up, and then working out what needed to be changed ... blah blah blah ... and then it ended up as a proper paper pattern. It's an irritatingly long process for me, which was made worse by the fact that I originally tried to make this costume on a very tight deadline ...

So, basically, there's 10 main pieces to this dress, plus 4 piece for the boobs (which was the hardest thing to work on ...) and then the beige pieces on the front that go *on top* of the pieces underneath. There's also 2 layers of this rather thick black fabric underneath all the suede for strength and a piece of ridgiline (sewable plastic boning) sewn through every seam in that bloody thing. It gives it a nice shape, but it ensures that I can't actually sit or be comfortable in it. Very very irritating.

The boob armor in the Youma pictures is just temporary, but much love goes out to Elemental, who loves me enough to sit up late Friday night to make for me. ^_^

The skirt was done rather freehandedly and is a piece of beige suede on top and a piece of brown broadcloth underneath that have been attached with stitch-witchery so that they act like one piece of fabric. 90% of the gold detailing is hand sewn (much of it in the car to the con ...), including the stitching lines that separate the 3 lines of twill tape that is under it to give it that shape. Ridgiline (my secret weapon!) is sewn all along the outside edge to give it it's shape.

I haven't gotten around to the boots yet, but I've already had to change the design plan a little to hopefully fix how short and stumpy I look in this costume ...


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ChekeredLelouch Dude, your skit idea was amazing, especially since it's so true. Gotta love the pervy Koreans that designed Ragnarok! Love the cosplay by the way~