Relena Darlian Peacecraft

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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It's done! Well, I'm still missing the white boots, but too bad! &gt;< I looked and looked and then got lazy and didn't make boot covers, so I wore some actual business shoes that my mom has.

Sewn over eight months (on and off of course, but probably about a month's worth of work went into it) at both my home and at my grandmothers. My grandmother and I used a pattern from a pattern-making set that she has. The jacket has a different back than the one that goes with the front (which caused some annoyances. -_-

Now to my favorite part. ^_^ The collar is made out of some type of suede. I drew out the pattern and then after cutting it out I put fray check around the edges. It's held on by snaps on the inside of the collar.

EDIT 7/17/2004: I have the boots and I have the teddy bear. What's left to do?? ^_^


@Ami Yuy
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