Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



This is the first costume ive ever made from the zelda games, i dont know why i waited so long, ive alwasy loved zelda ever since i was a little girl. I adore all the details of this costume, plus the fact that zelda and link are older in this game really appeals to me. There was quite a bit of experimentation and brain-storming that went on between my sister and i to try and figure out how to make all the parts. Im satisfied with the outcome ^_^


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess Zelda


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kaitybrianne Wow...this is...beyond words. you should have gotten a picture of the back too...ah, where did you find the pattern?? I want to go as Zelda for a thing my school does called Oktoberfest, and I don't want one of those cheesy all-one-layer polyester fabric ones from walmart, ya know?? This is so cool!! :]

Rutagher you make a beautiful zelda

NocesEmily OMG! *___* Really beautiful!

rayna This costume is beautiful <3

v454 What material is your armor made of?!?!?! I'm making a Zelda costume, and I REALLY need to know THANKS!

Slicingwingman you work to hard. and a mate of mine wont stop talking about you, oh and your cosplay. but mostly you. :P very good job tho.

RileySerenity Most gorgeous Zelda I've seen. Did you perchance, go to PAX two years ago? I could have sworn I saw you there when I went. Anyway, keep up the excellent work. You are truly talented =3

arikata i know this may sound retarded but i was wondering how do you keep the armour on? it looks like it should just fall off your shoulder...

Hedelex Best Zelda I've ever seen!

PrinzessinZelda Hi!!! Emm. I would know, what material is your armor made?? I hope than you can answer my question please!! Ohh I love your costume!!!