NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams



An under-structure of nylon mesh (Plasticanvas) sewn together with string.
Fleshed out with head-liner foam-fabric.
Will be covered in satin and lined with cotton.

Heavy vinyl stabilized with a sturdy cotton weave to resist stretching when pressure is put on it as it has a chest-binding panel (constructed from head-liner fabric and cotton weave) which cinches to the back of the vest by corset panels hidden under the front of the vest. Sleeves and collar are attached to main vest-structure and the ruffle is attached by hidden snaps. Notions include eyelets, plastic buttons and two large hook-and-eye pairs.

a royal purple sleeveless spandex body-suit, art-deco design on thighs will be applied with stencil and fabric spray-paint.

The soles were cut down from a pair of comfortable, used sneakers and the boot-structure was built for them using heavy vinyl, head-liner fabric and zippers.

Additional notions include a pair of pre-fab, white gloves and false eyelashes.


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Series NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Character NiGHTS
Variant JoD


lithe-fider Love the in progress pics :D