Final Fantasy IV

My favorite work so far.
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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Rydia

RedValtiel Oh, wow! All your Final Fantasy cosplays are amazing! : D

II Squall II Perfect Rydia! Great cosplay and i really love your pics at the sea^^ GJ!

Otaku4evr Wow, absolutely fantastic! Great work!

Daveheart Great Rydia! You are very talented.

Rinoa_Garnet You're te only one who really looks like her, youre an amazing Rydia

CanisPanthera awesome rydia!

viper3636 ITs be BEST! Great work

Arella18 Amazing Rydia cosplay You even got the hair perfect.

DarkFF666 Great Rydia !

Naxel You guys were like, totally awesome to the max!

Dymatrex Great Rydia cosplay! A+!

CryHOg you make a beautiful rydia!! i just finished playing the game last week, and i fell in love with her! :D