ODST / HellJumper

Halo 3: ODST



Debuted as a rushed incomplete job at AX. Finished AX 2010.

Retired for repairs and updates.

Final Version Comissioned Component Credits:

Gauntlets, Chestpiece, Hip plates by SavvyTank
ODST Visor by Link
Recon helmet cast by Ithica
SMG cast from Muckle statue by Joe Wesson


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Created 10 years ago
Series Halo 3: ODST
Character ODST / HellJumper
Variant Mickey


Pezzidge Freakin' awesome dude. What did you use for the visor?

Llamousine mouthforwar17, if you want cheap just do Pepakuras, go to the pep file index for halo armor at http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/Pepakura_File_Index and start downloading! also get the pepakura viewer for printing.. dont know the website

mouthforwar17 do u think cardboard covered in like mache or sumthing wud be good for armor? it wud be cheap...err can u gimme some tips on how to make that...cuz thats the coolest thing i ever seen

GuardianMizu Oh, and do you ave any tips of where to begin with making the armor?

GuardianMizu Awsome dude, Ill be making my own soon to, so look forward to dropping with you X)

Trooper715 Built myself, aside from the newest chestplate which was cast from a friend's mold. If you're interested in making your own, check out 405th.com

Angeal Hewley10 Actually where did you get your whole costume?

Angeal Hewley10 Where did you get your helmet?

K-echma hopefuly all see you next year !!! XD i so want to get a pic with you my group is going as spartans. All be the black hayabusa

Ysef200 Saw you at AX. awsome costume, GJ

Gearsofhalo Sick dude! this is amazing!! great job!