Juri han

Super Street Fighter IV



This costume was so rushed, but came out looking better than ever. I came up with the idea to be Juri after playing Super Street Fighter 4 and realizing that she was one of the few characters that I could kick ass with. So immediately after learning that, I started this costume.

I began with the wig, which started off as an Innocent wig from Amphigory. I took down the pigtails and straightened the curls with a combination of a hair straightener and the hot water method. From there I put it into pigtails and stubbed, then made odangos. It was my first time doing odangos, so they were a bit sloppy. I ended up fixing everything, and voila - wig is done.

The costume was much more of a problem. I bought the fabric THREE DAYS before the convention, and had to have everything done in two days. The pants were made using a simple pants patterns, only instead of closing the gap in the crotch I kept them separate (kinda like chaps). It was my first time using bias tape, which is found all over the costume - mainly the pants.

The belts were done one by one and have bias tape on both sides. The belt sculpture is made of Fimo and is quite durable. The belts done actually attach to the pants, I just pull them over once everything else is on.

The top... oh lord the top. It took me 4 hours to get the top perfect. I had it painted and the edges were clean. Then I went to iron on the studs and burnt the top.... So I remade it in half an hour due to angry sewing. It still looks ok, but the paint inst as good as the first time.

The back spider is made of cardboard and fabric, with slits for the elastic straps to go through. It just slips over my head like a normal shirt.

So all in all, this costume was made in super-fast time, but I love it. Being able to cosplay from Street Fighter is what I've always wanted to do, and I am glad Juri was created so I could fulfill that goal.


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Series Super Street Fighter IV
Character Juri Han


yellowflash89 wait since you played super street fighter 4 do you have a ps3 or a 360

Mesoian Fantastic Juri. Really really excellent. keep up the good work.

Angeal awesome costume