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This was a last minute costume.

Distressing the dress was quite the chore as I needed it to appear wet and moldy as opposed to ripped and dirty.

I tea stained the fabric, dyed with four different types and strengths of coffee, splatter and radial sprayed "mold" and used diluted black fabric paint on areas of wear.

The fabric was sandpapered, scraped with a wire brush, rubbed with charcoal.

Makeup was Ben Nye water based, hair is my own.

My husband and I built a six foot television out of wood, foam and lycra. We used a projector to rear project video we had made onto the "screen." Audio used was "Door Woman" from the Fatal Frame II soundtrack.

The video played showing Samara emerging from the well and walking down-screen. The video was edited to show just the well at that point-- from which I crawled out of the "screen" and onto the stage.


@Slum Drunk
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Slum Drunk Here is the video!!!

kittykyo_chan Are there videos of this? cause I would really like to see it! This costume is so spooky! If I would have seen you I would've cried :c