-Yuriko- as Kos-Mos


Xenosaga Episode I

Cosplayer: -Yuriko-
I have been working on this costume like… a year I think, with some breaks. I am not 100% satisfied with it, but it can be improved, and I will improve it in the near future.

KOS-MOS is one of my favorite characters, and I love Xenosaga I.

A lot of time, effort, energy and money went into this, and I hope it was worth it.

I made 3 different weapons for her, the gatling gun (a must have), a blade (I love the style so much), and the R-Cannon (one of the 2 weapons she starts with int he game).

All 3 weapons have leds built in, but unfortunately the lights couldn't been turned off completely at the competition, so I couldn’t really show it on the stage :/

Not to mention that the delivery company managed to break some of my props, altough they were well-packed >__< Because of this, some parts didn't functioned properly on the stage, sigh...

I am planning a photoshoot in the future, so hopefully I can upload some photos later, where everything is how it should have been, with all the effects (after I fixed everything up...).

The weapons are made mostly out of styrofoam, papermache, foamies, plastic and lots of glue.

The armor parts on the costume are the same. Every armor part is detachable, so I can wash and rewear the costume.

I made the armor parts on the stomach out of craft foam (so they are flat), because I was afraid of the weight (everything is attached with velcro). But I have now an idea how I can make them 3D, but still lightweight, so I will just make them again.

I sewed together two wigs for this, because the wig I liked was too thin. I really love the color.

You can see the costume on the stage here (from 4:40):




Showcased? Wow, thank you so much!

Even tough I couldn't do the photoshoot yet with the remade costume and props. ;_;

But my props arrived back home from London, so I promise I will do the photoshoot now in January.

I found my dream-location for this costume, all that remains is getting permission for entry.