Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



I was just in my room listening some music and other stuff... Then I noticed my Axel coat (Made by silkmonkey) and then, I noticed my Riku wig... so here´s the outcome xD

But I really do love his charecter too (not just because his japanese voice actor is Mamoru Miyano &gt;u<). And I think, that organizations coat suits him well. It shows better that sad and lonely side of him. Still Riku is so loyal, kind and he would do anything for his friends. Everybody should have a friend like Riku! xD

This costume was already finished, so I´ve been busy making my other costumes... But I will at least take some photos of this costume. It´s fun. n_n


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Created 9 years ago
Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Riku
Variant Organization XIII imposter


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