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Oh Seras, how I love and hate thee </3

Originally, I had started this outfit wanting to be able to wear an underbust corset underneath it (a la Jessica Rabbit) but I ended up deciding last minute that it was a bad idea. Luckily enough, the shirt still fit, so I have a semblance of mobility in this outfit. Hooray!

Basic construction notes, and then what I want to fix up...

Firstly, I made the shirt and skirt out of this nifty yellow poplin. I like how it stretches, which gives the outfit the tight but wrinkly look that Seras has, especially in the first OVA when she first goes berserk. Love it so much, and definitely recommend it :)

The skirt was rather easy. Basic pencil skirt made reeeeeeally short. I'm going to re-make it so it sits higher on my waist, and so it's a tad longer... Seras' skirt isn't really THAT short, I don't think x.x;

The shirt was just a basic McCall's shirt pattern with some modifications. The pockets were changed to match (one of) the OVA designs. I actually elongated my sleeves a bit before I started rolling them (long arms), and then tacked the white fabric around the roll. I still need to fix up the collar so it's accurate, and put the belt loops on, but after that it'll be done :)

One note I'd like to make about the shirt is the buttonholes being reinforced. I took a strip of material, interfaced it, and then stitched it to the front seam. Funnily enough, it almost gives that strange stretch that Seras' shirt has, where her boobs are so big that the buttons down the front stretch in somehow. Oh anime physics XD;

As for little details... the nameplates were a gift from my lovely Alucard, as was my Longhorn.

To be fixed up... I'm considering getting another pair of gloves, since the work gloves don't quite suit the look of Seras I was going for. The boots, however, WILL be replaced as soon as I finish the OVA-accurate ones. I hate doing shoes T_T I also hope to be getting a better wig soon so I can make my 'do more Seras-y.


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Series Hellsing
Character Seras Victoria
Variant OVA 1/yellow


Dark_Butler You are bringing this to Otakon, aren't you Miss Victoria?