Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



FFVIII was the third ff game that I played ;D! Rinoa kinda reminds me of myself...er..yea =D!

I ordered the fabric online. It was hard to work with lol. It was also my first time making a duster.

Wings: I cut out wing from stick felt and glue it on.

Blue part thing: Made from really old (super old) leftover fabric under my bed...

on sale for 15 dollars :D

Black top:
borrowed my mom's ahhahahah

Necklace: I conenct 2 broken metal parts I found on a random day cleaning my house. I glued those 2 parts together for the ring.

Shorts: Were my old black pants that I cut up and pasted zippers onto.

Total: About 25 dollars. only the boots and fabric for duster I had to buy; the rest of the materials were already at home ^^

This cosplay was very comfortable to wear. It's normal not so outlandish nothing so detailed so it was simple to make. I really enjoy wearing rinoa's duster! xD It's AWESoMe!


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly


Daya ~ Kairi kawaii *-*

Liarsenicxx Beautiful Rinoa n___n

Zhenya You make such a cute Rinoa - well done! =)