Himeko Kurusugawa

Kannazuki no Miko



This is Himeko from the yuri anime Kannazuki no Miko. This is the first time I didn't actually make the costume, as I'm living in Japan and am a poor starving college student who doesn't even have a sewing machine here. Maybe one day I'd like to make it as my own (and hopefully for accurately!), but for the time being, these served their purpose for Frankiki and my photoshoot.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Kannazuki no Miko
Character Himeko Kurusugawa
Variant Miko Robes


Serria Shannon, sorry, I didn't see your comment! I would've sold it to you in a heartbeat! That's what I get for never checking this site... ><

HimekoXChikane Or what size are you and would you ever be willing to sell your old one to another poor college student??

HimekoXChikane Hello! I tried purchasing the same costume for Anime Boston this year but the site I used sent me something completely different.. I was wondering where you got yours it's really beautiful! Nice photo shoot by the way :) ~Shannon