L - Death Note

Death Note



Pretty easy to do. First one thusfar.


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Series Death Note
Character L - Death Note


TechnoxXxDeath You do a wonderful 'L'. I pretty impressed with how you did your eyes as some 'L' cosplays I have seen they tend to really over do it.

lexiyee_pop x3 You are an adorable L! -squee- Why don't we have Ls like you at the cons I go to? -_-;; The costume is awesome, and you pull it off really well. Plus your hair is fantastic.

oathtoorder This is so cool looking :D I loves your cosplay :D

LuluHime I think you came up and asked for hugs from me and my friend at AN this year ! XD you look really familiar xD but I looove your L cosplay ! (=

11Dani11 :D lookin goood