Angathol as Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame

Touhou Project

Imperishable Night

Cosplayer: Angathol
Check out a showcase video of my Marisa costume by Ackson Lee here:

This costume is mostly based off of Imperishable Night and her MMD model. I made the vest, skirt, various ruffles, hairbow, hat ribbon and apron myself. The back bow and front bow were made by Merino, the hat itself was mostly made by Sion, and the broom was a group effort between myself (preparing raw materials), Sion and Azureii (putting it all together for me). I made the mini-Hakkero by sanding a circular box into an octagonal shape and painting it by hand.

Here's a rundown for Marisa cosplayers looking for assistance:

Blouse: bought from Winners (I liked the ruffles and thought it would suit her)

Vest: made, modified from Simplicity pattern 4079. Material: Black stretch twill left over from Lelouch.

Hat: made with assistance from Sion. Pattern was a modified hat pattern from the Simplicity 4136 package. It's a Wizard of Oz pattern; I used the Wicked Witch hat and patterned the brim to be wider. Sion is a crafty sort and a former cosplayer, so he worked on it out of boredom while I was making the rest of the costume. He machine sewed some of it and made the base that was inside, and I did the white ribbon and bow as well as the white ruffled underpiece, and handfinished the raw parts. I put some construction details in the comments of this photo: Material: Black stretch twill, white non-stretch twill, craft foam, bristol board, staples, metal wire.

Hat bow, back bow/tassels/ribbons/etc: made by me and Merino. There are some tutorials you can probably find online for them; they're really simple. Material: white non-stretch twill.

Apron: made. I BSed this pattern while rushing at the last minute, lol. Material: white non-stretch twill.

Skirt: made from the same Wizard of Oz Simplicity pattern mentioned above, but shorter. I made a fully finished ruffle and had to attach it by hand along the bottom because when I tried machine-stitching it, it was breaking needles from all the layers. All ruffles were gathered by hand. Material: black stretch twill, white non-stretch twill.

Petticoat: bought (Malabar in Toronto)
Socks: bought
Shoes: bought (Payless)

Broom: made. I used a whole bunch of ornamental grass and stripped it down to get rid of the flakey bits, then had it bundled up with twine and looped through some holes I drilled in a bamboo pole, which I got from Home Depot or Rona for less than $2. Sion and his brother Azureii helped me with this while I was working on some other part of the costume.

Mini-Hakkero prop: made by sanding a circular box from a dollar store into an octagonal shape and painting it by hand. I did this mostly myself with some brainstorming/assistance from Sion.