Left 4 Dead

The Witch from the Left 4 Dead video game. My boyfriend convinced me to do this cosplay since he does the Hunter. I will cosplay this on Friday, July 30th at Otakon 2010.
POST-OTAKON '10 UPDATE: This cosplay was a HUGE success! I couldn't go 2 feet without being stopped for a photo! It was totally worth spending 2 1/2 hours painting myself grey from head to toe. I helped fix my boyfriend's Hunter cosplay before we left for the convention too, we both were the best witch and hunter cosplayers there (and trust me, that's not my imaginary ego speaking, that's what tons of people, including the other witch and hunter cosplayers, said to me). I will definitely be doing this cosplay again in the future :)
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Series Left 4 Dead
Character Witch

Zoey Cobain Hey, Brilliant costume!