Ryoko Subaru

Martian Successor Nadesico



One of my friends at the time was really interested in the show and the rest of us liked it pretty well too, so we decided to go as characters from Nadesico. I went as Ryoko Subaru. For the pattern I used a zip up high-collared jacket, which had to be modified by lengthening into a dress and cut into pieces for the red and black parts. Pretty difficult, but it came out all right though the back of the skirt was a little short when I sat down or bent over! For the shoulder things, I just made tubes out of silver material, stuffed them and sewed them on. The shoes were high heels painted silver with the funky tongue made out of cardboard. Big mistake since a freak downpour that Friday morning of the con destroyed them. I'm thinking about remaking parts of the costume such as the shoes and the patches.

Update: I'm planning on fixing several aspects of the costume for Katsucon 2009, including getting an actual wig instead of colored hairspray, modding shoes (this time without cardboard) and fixing at least the Nergal chest patch which I wasn't happy with.


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Series Martian Successor Nadesico
Character Ryoko Subaru


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