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So, this costume was rushed a tad thanks to midterm exams and what not, and is still not quite finished yet...

The head is made of giant paper mache and the whole costume is made of extra fleece I had lying around...

When the costume was first debuted, it actually wasn't half bad. Unfortunately, most of it was never sewn together due to the time constraint, so a good portion was stapled together. =(

Then, to make the costume suffer more, after the Halloween festivities were over, my parents shoved poor Strong Bad into our shed to avoid staring at a 3 foot tall, Mexican-American wrestling head. Needless to say, nature took its course and destroyed what was left of him.

This last Halloween, was holding a costume contest, and I figured I would enter my sad Strong Bad, not knowing the extent of the damage to the costume... well, here it is, one strokey patient Strong Bad... lol. I got the worst comments and cried because I was laughing so hard! Watch the video... I'm right at the end, lol (I'm so terrible I became the finale, lol)

My hopes are to resurrect the poor costume and hopefully resend in a photo of make-over Strong Bad for the 2010 season. =)


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puddle_jumper I love this so hard.