Sebastian Michaelis

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

@Fallen Sephiros
I made this, once again, using satin. I seem to use this material for many of my costumes, especially the ones that are quite formal.

I actually made this for my fiancée so that we could do Grell (me) and Sebastian together. She wanted leather gloves though, which was a little diffucult to work with the white leather and re-working the pattern I made for the gloves for Sephiroth. As after all, Sebastian's have the detail stitching on them, and Sephiroth doesn't, and I had to change the size of the pattern to suit her. Just don't ask me why she wanted leather, it was what she wanted.

The tie and the shoes were the only things that I didn't make as she already had them from one of her original costumes that she retired a couple of years ago.

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@Fallen Sephiros
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Series Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Character Sebastian Michaelis
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