Athena Asamiya

King Of Fighters XII



Edits made to the original costume:
-Completely remade the skirt three times. The first time, the pleats were too big. Then I sewed them wrong and they wouldn't stay in. Now I'm done haha, I'm not making a pleated skirt four times for one costume.
-Took in the sleeves so I look less like an 80's shoujo heroine.
-Sewed the bauble/scarf to the shirt.
-Took the shirt in at the sides.
-Remade the headband by tucking felt UNDERNEATH so that you couldn't see the crappy edges.
-Got actual red MMA fighting gloves, f yeah!
-Got new loafers with a slight heel to lift my legs slightly and (hopefully) make them look better.

Done with Athena now that Kumoricon 2010 is over. We'll see about the XIII version, but I doubt I'll do it.


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Series King Of Fighters XII
Character Athena Asamiya


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