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My friend Ita Istar lent me her RahXephon boxset to watch over the winter, and I really fell in love with Reika. Like everyone else I'd seen the famous amv set to euphoria, and for years I'd always wanted to see the series since she always looked like such an intriguing character to me. Discovering that she was also a robot girl (sort of? haha) really just sealed the deal!

The dress is made of seasonal yellow interlock from joann's. I ordered some cheap $2.60/yard knit from the internet and made 2 mockup dresses before making 1 more mockup in the fashion fabric and then making the actual rendition of the dress.

The primary fitting difficulties lay in getting the armholes not to gape, creating the appropriate amount of drape and flow in the bottom portion via solely the side seams, smoothly blending the close-fitting sides into a flared bottom, and getting the dress' bottom hem to lay smoothly despite the problems inherent in hemming a circle skirt made out of a stretch knit.

all of the dress is serged with my new serger, and after my sabrina corset, this is the first full garment piece I've made on it (and I love it to bits!). the inside now looks just as tidy as the outside.

Most of the actual construction time on the dress was spent installing the lapped zipper, which is more or less completely obscured by the wig when worn. oh well. :P

I flared the scarf slightly and tapered the ends for a more elongated look. the ensemble comes apart in 3 pieces for easy travel and ironing. I made it out of 100% cotton from the country classic section at joann's...I wish I could find a different fabric for it since even after a heavy starching it seems to wrinkle easily. :/ have to save that for my next trip to a fabric district though, since that was the only fabric in the entire stock even remotely close to the right shade for it.

the sandals I bought from walmart, and the wig is a heat resistant model from zephyr via rakuten.


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