chenmeicai as Chun Li

Chun Li

Street Fighter


Cosplayer: chenmeicai

Chun Li is the best female game character ever created! Amen! LOL. :p Or so I believe! To each his own ...

Honestly, she's my most favorite game character; the very first one I used when I started playing arcade games. Street Fighter was really my first favorite game. It took me some time to decide before I could really cosplay her. I've printed out a lot of reference moves, poses, and sprites since 2008 ... imagine that? Hehehe. It took me that long to prepare for this cosplay.

I know Chun Li has been cosplayed a lot and quite a handful now, there are really-really great cosplayers who've given justice to this character. I guess given that fact, I was doubting whether I could really portray her role nice and easy as the others did. I've never been this nervous cosplaying a character than ever! Hahaha. Alright ... don't laugh now. :p

Favorite aspect:

I wanted to join the 2nd Day Contest - Philippine Game Girl. Not that I believe I stand a chance with the multitude of contestants but, I just wanted to do it for fun ... for Chun Li. However, I wasn't able to join hehe. I was late because I had a lot of revisions in the costume on the day itself, which took me longer ... so I arrived rather late at the event. And I missed the registration once more hehe. Too bad, one of the cosplayers I look up to (Kune / Pat Delgado) was cosplaying Crimson Viper that day ... my rival ei?

I like the fact that there were lots of kids that day who really thought I was Chun Li hehehe. I enjoyed taking photos with them. There were parents too who took photos with me and their newborns ... wow! Chun Li's really epic! Teeeheee! A number of Chinese folks who came from the mass tried to speak with me in Chinese, thinking I was pure Chinese I guess hehe. Well, I'm partly Chinese so I could understand and speak a bit. LOL.

I guess I did justice for Chun Li, after all. :)

Hardest task/aspect:

The boot-covers! They kept falling off!

Well, I didn't bother buying high-cut rubber shoes anymore so I preferred having boot covers. Since this was done rather fast, I guess we weren't able to make it as good as it needed to be.

My costume was done in just a whole day! Rushed ei? My tailor had a lot of stuff to finish so I kept bugging him daily until finally, it was started the day before. LOL. On the day itself, I had to keep a close watch of it at the shop just to finish everything and to make sure all the details are done right. Yeah ... I'm OC! Bwahahah.

The materials, the design, the size, etc. Everything! I came at the shop really early to make sure they get it as I wanted it. The cloth, well, we kinda bought it a week before. The color wasn't that hard to find but it was rare that time. Good thing I ain't going color-blind yet hohoho!

Other than the costume items ... it was really challenging to do Chun Li's moves and power poses. I have minor dextro-scoliosis so doing the bends and all that is hard, since I was wearing my back support too, inside the costume. Ain't much of a bid deal though; coz the fear was heightened only by the fact that I was uber-worried ... if I could portray her character right hehehe. I ain't the first Chun Li cosplayer so there ... nervous-level goin' up heheheh.

Costume maker:

Cargin's Dance Wear, revisions by me

Costume made of:
Cheongsam - blue satin
Gold Designs - thin rubber sheets
Pony Tails - white spandex, garter, satin, lace
Boot Covers - inverted white satin
Wrist Guards - foam, painted black, silver rubber sheets, painted black for the lining