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Well, this was a rushed costume, actually. I was peeved about not being able to make any costumes for Otakon 2001, and my sister and boyfriend caved, so we spent several days running around getting supplies.

First, we bought a plain white t-shirt, and black spandex shorts. I'm amazed at how many different places we had to look for the shorts! Since it was summer, there were no gloves, so we went to Party City, and got some stagehand gloves, or something, and cut off the tips. The boots were a bit difficult.

We bought a pair of black shoes from K-Mart (about $5), and bought green material, and found some plastic/leather material laying around, and sewerd the material onto the shoes. The straps are secured with velcro, which will have to be fixed. Maybe using clasps or something, but the two were still working on the boots when we arrived at the hotel. :( Sorry guys.

And my hair. Oh my God. I had dyed it black the year before for my Kiki costume, and liked how it looked, so I just re-dyed it. We looked a thousand different places for things to use for Videl's hair...clip things. Eventually, we found the perfect ones at Michaels (A craft store). They were wooden replicas, so to speak, of thread..holders. My boyfriend hollowed them out with a drill, (one of them broke, thank you glue!), and we painted them gold. Now comes getting my hair into them. My sister separated my hair into pig tails, and wrapped a bunch of yarn to keep my hair together. She pulled the clip-thing on, and then secured my hair with black hair-tyes purchased at CVS the day of the con.

The women cleaning in the bathroom didn't like that I needed to wet my hair there. Sorry ladies! :/


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