Kingdom Hearts II

I like Yuna's FFX-2 gunner outfit, but definitely prefer this cuter, simpler version.

The zig-zags took a while to do, but I like how they all came out. I lined the top to help with making the zigzags and also because of the flimsy white fabric . I'm not sure how I managed to make it so difficult for myself, but I did. Much perseverance, and I got there, but it took me far longer than it should have. i still need to adjust the fit of the top since it's a bit too tight. The symbol on the front is the matte reverse side of some pleather, great because it doesn’t frey.

For the miniskirt, I made a navy blue circle skirt. The blue half-skirt is lined, and I used bias tape made those ribbon-y bits. Much easier than making my own strips from the fabric! There’s a slight difference in colour between the skirt fabric and the bias tape, but since I used the tape to make a waistband as well, I think it looks ok.

I found the boots on ebay, and had to lace them up with white ribbon because I couldn’t find long enough proper shoelaces. The hairtail was made the same way as my FFX-2 one: I rolled up fur fabric to make a padded core, and sewed a tube of red fabric. Not easy to insert the fur into the tube, but it worked out nicely. The wings are painted craft foam with the feathers drawn on. I thought about using real feathers, but couldn’t find any nice ones, and ended up preferring the cartoon-ish effect of simply drawing the shapes on.
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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Yuna
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