Jasmine/Mikan (Gym Leader)




Why I cosplayed it: This cosplay makes me really happy. I've always loved Jasmine. And Giselle. But Jasmine, too. And her outfit's easier. I picked the old one because I like it more.
And I'm really surprised no one's done it already, so that's more motivation too. And the fact that my friends are having "Gym Leaders Day" at an upcoming con. (Which didn't happen lol)

How costume was made: This is my first cosplay that I sewed mostly by myself, and since I hand-sewed it, I'm pretty proud. It's time for me to learn how to use the machine, though. I hot glued and safety pinned the bow the day of the con. (My dad machine sewed the skirt hem though the night before the con, and put the zipper in) I bought and styled the hairpiece with hairspray and hair cement. It washed out nicely, to which I was pleasantly surprised. I can re-use it now. I also have the shoes, but they're not pictured here.
The material used for this is also being used to make a Jonathon plushie for Izumi, which I haven't finished yet.
The second time I wore it, I had much more fun, changed the hairpieces to felt ones, fixed the bow and made it puffy, and brought around my 3DS so I could battle people and give out badges. :)

Debuted: Friday - Mechacon 9. August 2013
Lesson learned: complete your cosplay before the con, even if you can't get a ride to Hobby Lobby for months. >__<

Fun times: Actually, not much happened. Friday night when we finally got there, registration had closed (why I didn't prereg like I usually do? Long story.) so we couldn't get into the ball, which was the main reason why we went that day. Then, drama happened. I want to rewear this on a happier day...when I find my shoes. (Update: I did and had more fun.) I rode a streetcar in cosplay, that was pretty cool.


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Series Pokémon
Character Jasmine/Mikan (Gym Leader)
Variant Gold/Silver Outfit


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