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The Character: She's freakin epic! I wanted to cosplay her right after seeing the movie...I did cosplay her the second time I saw it. xD

The Costume: Loooots of spandex and swishy pants. I'm proud of how it came out. ^^


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Series Marvel Comics
Character Hit-Girl
Variant Movie


zomgitsamber Also, love the Red Mist/Hit Girl pairing ^^

zomgitsamber Totally awesome!!!! Where did you get your wig??

Vilkäl Wow! great cosplay, you really look alike!

BakanaChan Chimimney Christmas! Great Cosplay! Gosh *o*

So_menh-chan I think I love you... Okay maybe not LOVE but... This is awesome^^

Breci good work =D so nice hit girl cosplay

Thowra love it

fairuza Awesome Hit Girl cosplay!:D