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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth



I have quite the list of potential Ace Attorney costumes, and of course, I got the expected amount of cosplay inspiration from Ace Attorney Investigation. Calisto Yew seemed do-able in the time before Minami, it’s a design I really like (earrings!), I already had the shoes, could use my own hair, I thought her mannerisms would be fun to imitate, and I liked the idea of having her make-up as props.

I found turquoise cotton drill on eBay, and chose purple lining fabric. I mostly used Simplicity 2508 for the jacket, it gave me a double-breasted, princess-seamed jacket, but it had raglan sleeves, so I had to change it to set-in sleeves. I drafted the collar myself.

I tried applying the bias binding in a new way, which I was inspired to do from studying I jacket I own. It involved using twice as much trim, sewing it to the outer jacket, and the lining before they were sewn together, then treating them as one piece with the bias tape attached. It was a useful technique for the trim start/stopping around the collar, and an easy way to avoid visible stitching inside and out, but it certainly wasn’t necessary for me to do it that way. I think it’s a method best suited for wider trims.

The jacket has functional pockets and buttons. The buttons had to be covered in brown fabric as I couldn’t find any suitable ones. The trousers were made from New Look 6435.

My attorney’s badge is sculpted from fimo and pins on. The earrings are taken from a set of scales, grabbed for 99p on eBay. I also bought a pink compact on eBay, and also had lipstick, eyeliner and pink puffs to pose with! I’m not one for make-up, but thought it would be best to clearly be wearing some for this costume. I aimed for pale pink shades since that seems to be what she wears.

The shirt is from eBay too, and I bought a the tie when I was ordering from The boots are from my Alice Elliot costume, and I styled my own hair, making use of a hidden hair tie and hairspray to try to keep it fixed in place like hers.

I'm happy with the costume, but I'd like to alter the shirt or get one which fits better since the loose collar looks awful! I also need to experiment with the hairstyle more.


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Series Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
Character Calisto Yew


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