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Well I already gave my first shot at Neytiri and let me say that it was not easy at all. I have a few things that i want to fix/improve and that includes the paint job, nose, ears, and hair. Last time I used clown makeup, and , well, meh. Clown makeup is messy, sticky and very delicate and the sealant powder does not make things any easier. SO, this time im gonna use airbrush, i will pay an extra $200.00 to purchase a good compressor kit. Screw it.
The ears and nose: I learned some new makeup techniques when it comes to prosthetic blending and applying as well as proper techniques for the scar wax. MUAHAHAHAAA!!!!
I will post some pics of my new learned techniques. (I will have the ears in the proper place this time, parallel to my eyes)
Im gonna get my hair braided again but this time I will get glued extensions to add more thickness and have a bit more hair to work with because mine is SUPER thin.

Things that will be added:
Im gonna make the purple leggings, new armbands, feather hair peice, and the beaded top that is used in the final battle. I will probably have a wardrobe change during the shoot and maybe even do the war makeup. Lets see what happens!

My boyfriend's fate is sealed, he will be getting a blue paint job with me as well and we will be taking some Tsaheylu pictures. ^^


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Avatar Alvaang I can't wait to see ur v2 complete! I thought the first one was already perfect!!

Earthychan OMG!! This is going to look so great! Good luck on your journey to make this stuff! ^^

samtoenail Oh my gosh I can't wait to see this! Your my favorite Neytiri cosplayer. Your first one was simply amazing and I'm sure this one will be quadrupole that!

Seiyori Where did you learn to work with prosthetics? I really want to learn! I am a complete beginner though so I have no prior knowledge. A suggestion with the paint that is VERY AFFORDABLE, I am not sure if you have already pursued it and it wasn't for you, but if you haven'tL Mehron brand "Paradise Makeup AQ" It is made especially for body painting and has been used by the Mehron artists, winning second place in a World-wide body painting competition in Europe. I used their standard colors "Light Blue" and "Lagoon Blue," but you are such a top-notch artists I have a feeling you will want more exacting colors. The "Light Blue" is a bit too light for the base-coat, but I used it so that I didn't have to mix. My favorite thing about Mehron make-up is that it is AMAZING in terms of drying fast, not coming off, and not blending even when touched. It literally makes your body act like a painting canvas (UNLESS you get water on it accidentally, then it will run easily). Just my thoughts since I read your woes about sticky clown make-up! I can't WAIT to see the new version! Version 1 was phenomenal already! (Sorry this is so long.)

Na'vi wannabe This one is even more awesome than the last!

silkmonkey you two are going to look awesome *O*

Tom DePetrillo Love the improvments, can't wait to see you with your BF, post pic!

SirenBrakish Looking fantastic so far, girlie! Also couldn't help but notice that you're also Puerto Rican like me! XD How nutty is that?

carladawn Hehe this will be epic! Especially because you are making your bf do it too lol. He's gonna hate you for that lol!!!

Super-Skrull I'm sure it's going to be amazing! Are you going to all out with Na'vi style contacts and fangs?

Eigensilver Yay! Can't wait!~