Civil War ball gown




Woot! I love this costume!!!!!

I made this dress for a Victorian Ball in 2010. It was a blast to make and even more fun to wear. The top was made from a McCalls pattern and the skirt was my first attempt at making my own pattern. The entire costume is entirely made of recycled/scrapped material, secondhand curtains and bedsheets, even the lace was found on the curtains. I was so happy to find the materials. So far this was my least expensive cosplay. It's cost me under $30 for all the materials while labor is around $135.

I have a few more pieces I'd like to made before I consider this cosplay finished. I still need to make a crinoline/hoop-skirt, drawers, corset, and chemise as well as a petticoat or two. I already have the fabric for the petticoat and either drawers or chemise. I need to get the fixings for the corset and the crinoline/hoop-skirt.


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Character Civil War ball gown


Narnian Thank you so much for the kind comments! ^_^

Mallory This is really great!

Shahrazad If you didn't mention in the notes that this gown was made from curtains I would have never known- you are a real Scarlet O'Hara in that regard aren't you!? Fantastic job with this- You look stunning in the gown and what makes it even more impressive is that you made it for so inexpensively. You are very talented!

Squishy Blob That is an amazing dress! All your period costumes look really awesome =D.

zizi994 I absolutely love all your period outfits and this is one of my favorites. <3 Keep up the good work!

Geb_Geb gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous dress O.o so impressive!

Aurora Maryte I don't think I ever told you how jealous I am that you made this dress. It is AMAZING and you look soooo beautiful in it too. 1850s/1860s fashion is my all time favorite, and this dress of yours is like a dream. It's awesome that you changed the pattern too. I'd make something like this, but I'm too stupid and incapable, so extra props to you since not everyone can create something so epic.

Errowyn Lovely dress! I like how you used the pattern and modified it to your own tastes.

Contru I love your dresses! Great Job! Keep up the good work! ^_^

seawaterwitch You look beautiful ^^ If you don't mind, more pictures please ^^ I want to make Civil Wars dress too ;)