Alistair Theirin

Dragon Age: Origins



Character reference:!Alistair_confused.png

This costume's still a big work in progress.

I love Dragon Age, and so does one of my friends. We're planning on hitting up Chicago Comic Con as well as the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the Wisconsin/Illinois border this August as Morrigan and Alistair. I'm pumped as heck.

I've never done any sort of armor crafting before, so this'll be a first for me. I'm currently making his Grey Warden splint mail out of craft foam with a cardboard core for stiffness(leather base) and cardboard with hot glue(iron plates).


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Series Dragon Age: Origins
Character Alistair Theirin


ItsMikuru Yes! You make a fantastic Alistair. For a first Armour attempt it looks splendid.

Hopie You look fantastic!! Great job, sir! :)

Chelseahavoc best thing ever! <3 totaly love it

Criana You're so adorable! I wish I would've seen you at ACEN.

Hinote_Ichimaru I love this so much! I love dragon age and props to you for doing this, I hope to have a dragon age cosplay made soon :) wow I love this though! fantastic work!

Lady Muramasa MOAR ALISTAIR! Lol, I use to hate this guy, never talked to him at camp on the road nothing, and really hated him for screaming at me for having the mother kill herself. But I liked his fighting style, and lol'd at all the girls romancing this guy........then I got curious about this "romancing" option, and then the little sh*t slipped on into my characters life, and a got fangirl trapped damn it! XD, can't wait to see this done, it's already awesome. I'm doing Dragon Age 2 cosplay this summer, don't know if you have played it yet, so I want type out spoilers.

Hanagumori My fangirl dreams have come true-- I MEAN Great cosplay! XD You are very fitting for Alistair :3

Angeal THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stravalon Awwww shit. This is great. The hair is just crazy right. It is nice to know that hair like that can actually exist in the third dimension. You totally have to keep working on this. You just have to.

Rinoa Heartilly Wow you really make a great Alistair. Very nice job. :)

bladealchemist WHAT. How did I not see this? Good to see a great Alistair and another DAO cosplayer. Great work!

AnimatedPoison I feel your pain on making splintmail. Good luck!

tiikay wow, you do have a heck of a challenge in front of you (and I don't have any handy tips), but I really hope you go through with this! It sounds like it has the potential to be uberly EPIC!