Lady Arieta as Veigue Lungberg

Veigue Lungberg

Tales of Rebirth

Cosplayer: Lady Arieta
This costume actually was not that difficult as I would have thought. Though there are some things I could fix up and not to mention finish. The armor SOMEHOW miraculously survived the blazing heat in Baltimore and that usually does not happen to me with any Tales of cosplays lolol.

The shirt was made from stretch velvet and the gauntlets were made from vinyl (LOL OH THE BURN GAWD), pants I have no idea what fabric it was..while the boots were last minute and scrapped from whatever fabric I had left and slapped over a pair of shoes I owned. The armor was simple thin poster board, foam craft and vinyl. Not exactly the best idea to make armor but hey, it lived.

He wasn't finished but I will be finishing him sometime later.

Solo shot pictures coming later once I get a hold of them.