Marian Cross


Worked on this off and on for about 3 months.

Gold fabric is very hard to find!! We actually did find one we liked a lot (and used), but it was definitely not what we were expecting going in!

I'll be revamping this a little bit before the next time I wear it. Mostly I want to fix the hat and and use a different method for my beard.
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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series D.Gray-man
Character Marian Cross

Giih.Gozzoli What a perfect Cross, OMG! o-o

momoiru1994 love everything about it but most off all the hair ^^

karlonne love this

Prota-Girl Good god... I love your Marian Cross... Excellent detail and a really well representation of the character. o.o I love all of it! <3 Great work!

AlmostHolly Nice work. O_O Great attention to detail! (I love your photos, too. Cool location! :D)

euterpe42 The gold fabric you found looks really fantastic! What was it?

Ginpatsu Dammit. You beat me to him! XD Kidding. Awesome job and great that you have a group too.

~H~ This costume looks amazing, and I love the color of the wig next to the black and gold fabric ^_^.