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Oh, wow, where do I begin.

I had exactly five not-very-high quality images to work off of, making my job extraordinarily difficult. I'm dreading the day actual pictures and renders come out showing his outfit, because then I'll have to re-make everything. ;-;

I'll stay simple for now:
White: Twill
Black: Twill
Cream: Twill
Grey: Tweed
Armor: Painted foamies
Bracelet: Quilted kona cotton
Collar: Quilted kona cotton (in 4 shades of red~)
Emblem: Sculpey
Wig: Tina Punky

Made the patterns myself, used liquid-stitch to attach the trim on so it didn't show a stitch. I supposed I worked on this costume straight for two weeks, minus when I was at work.

Yes, I do wig commissions~ /shameless advertising


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Ven
Variant Normal Ven


ZoMbi3 Gh0sT awesome cosplay! i jst wish i cud make this in time for louisianime wich is in april lol

Kaibib Angel lol Roxas clone. I love this costume. It's never too early to cosplay as a character. I expect many things to happen when a character's reference photos are released all over the place. You did a very good job on Ventus. Love the wig!!

Yui So...I'm looking at the (finally posted) new screenshots right now...and it's pretty amazing you could accurately extrapolate as much as you could based off those old tiny pixely little refs you had. Ven has a funky codpiece, tho, it seems!

berrybetty Amazing cosplay <3 I love this! Congrats on the showcase~

GingerAnne great ven!!! I still love this costume!

GENXiA Oh cool. It's amazing how you're cosplaying as a character no one knows anything about except that he looks like Roxas XD! Can't wait for Birth By Sleep to come out, cause I know I'm not the only one confused about... just about everything! The trailers do nothing but confuse me more, lol. Great Job!

Dark.swordsman Cool! Like a drawing ... It's perfect! ... Even though I don't know the person you cosplay neither you.

Avianna Totally worth the showcase. I don't know this character, but one it caught my eye somewhere on the net, and I was just in awe. That wig is excellent. Keep costuming cause its for sure an awesome talent of yours!

KoriStarfire psssshhhh!!!! i've seen your costume up close and i did NOT see any glaring offenses you modest person you! lol how many showcases does this make now? ha ha i tease! i tease! Congratulations all the same if i could give a satisfactory virtual hug, i would! LoL send me a line some time and keep in touch! ;P i'm also at fault here, but still!! Ciao for now! Take Care!

SanctusIX I love you o,o I mean, I love your cosplay ^^;

MDA Your Ven cosplay looks familiar.... were you at Anime North 2008?