Ambassador Delenn

Babylon 5



The dress is made of a shiny lilac fabric. It has trumpet shaped outer sleeves and tight-fitting inner sleeves. The inner sleeves are made of blue brocade (the design of the brocade is irregular and reminds me of a mosaic of blue and light blue stones).The outer sleeves and the front opening are edged with the same blue brocade. The dress has bust darts and fastens in front with Velcro. Additionally I wear a violet brooch to close the dress at breast height. The belt is a ready-made one. It’s made of lilac artificial leather and has a jewelled belt buckle.

Long vest:
The long vest is made of a striped taffeta in beige, peachy and grey. It’s lined with beige taffeta and edged with peachy satin bias tape.

Horn crest:
I’m very proud of the horn crest, because it was the first latex workpiece I’ve ever made. A friend of mine introduced me to the technique. I molded the crest with clay on a plaster mold of my friend’s head (I don’t have a plaster mold of my own head). Then I made a plaster cast of the clay model of the crest. By this means, I got a negative mold of the horn crest. I filled in liquid rubber latex and let it dry. I removed the latex piece from the plaster mold, cut away the overlapping parts, glued two small combs on the inside and painted it.

I wear beige suede boots with the dress. The triluminarium is made of silver painted wood, aluminium wire and an wolfram crystal.


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Series Babylon 5
Character Ambassador Delenn


The Lady Nerd Wonderful! It's so rare to see Babylon 5 cosplays. Excellently done!

Murasaki Ayame It's very beautiful. Thank you for this cosplay :)

CptCalico A magnificent job you have done here.

Nightengale37 I don't think I have ever seen a Delenn cosplay before and I am so happy to see this! Its amazing!