Taijiya Sango - Youkai Hunter


@Ängël Ärwën


Hiraikotsu and mask are the things that I liked to work. But the kirara's plush is a great cherm of cosplay


@Ängël Ärwën
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Series InuYasha
Character Taijiya Sango - Youkai Hunter


Lyriel Best sango ever!!!!!

Blood_Sword Great Sango!

Leonesaurus Beautiful costume! You look really pretty in it! ^_^ Thanks for the comment on my page too! lol

EmberXSesshy OMG YOU DID AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Thowra Nice

al-bhed-gurl Banzaii this is Sugoi!

AsakuraYoh linda!!! adorei seu cosplay, ficou linda de Sango =33 BJUs

lilaznfreak You make such a pretty sangoo :)