Soulcalibur IV



Did a major overhaul on this costume. Almost all the pieces were remade.

I used the same kimono pattern as before, but I went with twill as my fabric, and fully lined it with this gorgeous vibrant purple d'ville lining. The flame designs were appliqued on with a lightweight cotton fabric, and the yellow edges were done with a tight zig-zag stitch. It took hours just to do the sleeve.I was relieved that there is only one sleeve too. All edges are finished too.

I used the same obi, but I changed out the hook and eye closures with velcro and put some interfacing in the obi so it doesn't bunch.

The necklace is made out of ball pit balls. I sanded them down and applied 2 coats of a spraypaint for plastics in silver... So relieved to get rid of those crappy styrofoam ones. I was originally going to use the plastic spheres that you find at Michael's, but they were much too large, and my search for the perfect balls began.

The leggings were redone by hacking up a pair of pants and sewing a gauze-y fabric to them. The handprints are just red acrylic paint and my trusty mitts.

The wig is a Scruffy in Firestorm, which is a nice mix of red and black, one of my favorite color combos. The horns are Paperclay and are sewn into the wig. They're really light.

The kanabo is a labor of love and weighs in at around 5-7 lbs. I gave the paint job a touch up and redid the spikes so they had pegs in them; that way they won't just pop right off.


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Series Soulcalibur IV
Character Kamikirimusi


Aphex I saw you at Anime Central 2009! Good job!

liivingdeadgirl Congrats on the showcase woman! XD

princemercury1 WHOA!!! Congratz on the showcase!!! You deserve it. =D

Zhelly Congrats on the showcase!! I totally saw that one coming- everything about this cosplay is just gorgeous! Great work.

Angeal your costume looks awesome

Angeal Congrats on your Showcase!

Hopie Congrats on your Showcase! :D

Starlit Rose NICE!! Congrats on the showcase!!

NiGHTmaren Congrats on showcase, I still remember how impressed I was when we were standing in line waiting for the masquerade to start at Ohayocon last year!

~H~ Congrats on the showcase! Your costume is beautiful and so vibrant *_*.

KragPrin Your Kamikirimusi is definitely the best I've seen! What a great photoshoot you've got too! The red looks fantastic. :)