Roronoa Zoro

One Piece



Well this cosplay actually took me by surprise... I began watching One Piece (original jap version) a couple of months back and loved the show. Zoro is one of my favorite characters so I decided to cosplay him. A simple cosplay so I had to pay attention to the details.
The earrings are made of silicone, all 3 katanas are made of wood, generic except for the white one which is his main katana.
I painted my hair with acrylic and the waist piece is just green fabric with a piece of sponge inside to give it some depth.
I won all the points except for complexity xD


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Created 12 years ago
Series One Piece
Character Roronoa Zoro


Brooke-sama mae ke putas hace zoro en un jardin japones ?? ke falta d ubicacion en el tiempo y el espacio XD o.O XD vaaras brother , u look great <3

SanctusIX Tú cosplay de Zoro es la onda! Muy bien trabajo! ^^

Anaid Que genial se ve~

OhtoriKyouya Free'kin sweet.

DgranadosV mae su cosplay de zoro si le quedo tuanis

Chipface Nicely done Zoro. That's a pretty interesting trick you did for the haramaki. I never thought of using sponge for mine.