This costume was done back in 2006, but I wore it in 2008. There are many mistakes and this was so rushed. But it's ok I think. ^^
I love green. :3


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Series Alichino
Character Tsugiri


saya_malkavian Beautiful! cosplay of excelente manga ^^

Knightofdragons Nice costume. I loved Alichino. I hate where they left it off. Thanks for the comment. It makes me happy people like it. It was my frist real detailed costume and only my second time cosplaying

Merethiel I totally loved your cosplay when I saw you in Mexico. It's totally awesome!!! Congrats on all the cosplays you have done!! <3

StevenJSBowcott Everyone of your cosplays is perfectly done. Congrats on all your hard work, it has paid off with each photo. Wonderful attention to details and characterized poses. Great work.

analia how wonderful is that I love all your work elsch, you're ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COSPLAYERS AROUND THE WORLD!!! :D

maskerpa wow, you'r really cute!!! i hope to see again!!!

sugar °0° perfect!

Arroyo All your costumes are so pretty and perfect...I think you did very good on this. Once again, I thank you for your kind comments. :)

M i n a m i SUPPERBBBBB~~! tehehee... thanks for the comment earlier.. i lloove all off your cosplay too... and i really2 want to give my comment on each of your photo... but surely... THIS is really AWESOME... i loove the detail you've done... ^o^ 2 thumbs... Elsch-san

Chibi I love you, my dear Tsugiri *mit Herzen überhäuf* Danke, dass dus für mich gemacht/getragen hast <3