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I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and I love all the characters. At first, I thought about doing Disney Princess Sora, but then I realized that while it was a cute idea, it made no sense.

Suddenly I had an epiphany: Since Kairi's a Princess of Heart in the first game, I can do Disney Princess KAIRI. And so, I decided that I would do Disney Princess Kairi! ^_^


@Queen Anime 99
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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Kairi
Variant "Disney Princess" Version


Queen Anime 99 LamKyion, thanks. ^_^ Tifarinoa, you're welcome. :D Thanks.

Kapalaka Thank you so much! ^_^ And cute Princess Kairi!! So creative, I loved KH.

LamKyion awww this is so cute!!! i love the dress design!!! XD