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Ever since I saw Nia I really liked her outfit, and she's really adorable! When I started making this costume, I hadn't even watched any Gurren Lagann, I was just making it because she's very cute, and to go with a GL group for Fanexpo. They needed a Nia anyways.
While at my friends house working on the costume, I watched about 12 episodes of GL! And I love it now :)

The thing I love about this costume is I'm a cross between short hair Nia and long hair Nia. I don't have a wig yet, but my hair is at the moment, not done, but will resemble short hair Nia. I plan to get a wig, I already found the perfect one :) I also have both pairs of shoes, the sweater and the cape, and the ring Simon gave her :) Oh, and the hair flower.

The dress was just a shirt pattern that was a little longer on the ends, with a white skirt sewn inside. But it was SO HARD. The shirt pattern was made for sleeves, and I had to get my mother to help me to hem them &gt;_< It was really difficult.

The sweater is just a Nevada sweater I got from..Sears? Yeah, Sears. I spent all day running around Square One (hueg mall omg) and finally we go into Sears, and I was about to give up, and I saw it hanging on the wall. I could have cried! It is too perfect! Thanks to Nyghtwynd for buying it for me!~ Again, my mother helped me out on this part. :) She sewed the red stripes on the sleeves and the Dai Gurren symbol on the back for me. <3333 Thanks goes to her. The sweater is incredibly comfy, and I find myself wearing it to random places :P

I made all the accessories out of craft foam, my new lover. Oh my gosh I love it so much. And hot glue. The gems were made of styrofoam balls cut in half XD And in three cases, shaped with an exacto knife :P Then painted, and varnished! Thank you to my mom for varnishing them for me <3 The collar was probably the hardest because I couldn't figure out how to make it removable, but not moving around. Velcro ended up working great :D The belt was so easy ^___^ It was like putting together a puzzle, then gluing the puzzle onto a cloth Nintendo belt. So if you see my costume from the back, I am promoting my favourite console company :) The bracelets go on with snaps. I hate putting snaps in foam. It's evil.

The high heel shoes were another purchase by Nyghtwynd, oh my gosh he's helped out so much, I'm so freaking grateful!~<3 They cost more than the sweater @[email protected] The shoes are nice and shiny! And red! Yay! The toe area is so perfect. The only problem I have with it is the strap around my ankle. The strap connecting that one and the shoe goes down the front instead of the back, and it's a little low. I was going to modify them but the shoes are so pretty I don't have the heart. My friend Nik put the white strip + jewels on them for me, thank you<33

The other shoes are simple canvas slip-ons, which were REALLY last minute. I realised I could NOT walk around the convention in high heels for three days! No way! So I got some white canvas shoes, and stained them as red as possible, then painted the Dai Gurren symbol on them for a cute variant of Nia's short hair shoes :)

The cape was probably the hardest part. I had fabric left over from the dress, so decided to make it. I made the shoulder pad things first (out of craft foam!), then positioned them on me, and got my friend to pin them for me. I used awesome mounting tape to attach the fabric the foam. I made kind of shoulder straps things, and with some help, those were attached with more mounting tape! :D Then with a strategic velcro maneuver and fishing line, I created a adjustable line thing to keep it from falling backwards, and its adjustable in case other people want to wear it. Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of this stupid cape (XD) I think I'll only put it on for photos.

The hair flower is awesome. My friend Nik made it for me :) <3 It is foam flower petals, with some felt. Felt for the white thing and the red on it too. The center gem is a green foam ball thing glued on craft foam, glued to the petals. The whole thing was glued to a really cute hair clip that works great with my hair. Thanks again Nik!! <3

The last part of this costume is the cutest and hardest. I wanted to make Nia's ring from Simon really badly, so I went to the dollar store and found a simple silver band, and some coloured-head pins. I cut the green ball off the top of on of the pins and glued it to the band. It keeps falling off ;^; I'm on the seventh try. XD

The only things missing are a wig, which I'll get, and the bicep bracelets. I didn't want to make them because I'll most likely be wearing the sweater all day,either sleeves regular or rolled up. Besides, I am not really comfortable with my arms yet to wear things on them &gt;<

On a personal note, I'm a little on the chubby side, so I was (and still am) a little worried about my overall performance as Nia. The Simon in our group is very petite (but an amazing Simon! <3) and I'm hueg compared to her @[email protected] I'm getting a little better with being comfortable.

I still need to take in the dress a little, and that's all I have to do. I'm super excited for the fanexpo coming up in like THREE DAYS OMG! I'll post an update on how the con went :)


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Hotaru230 I like all your versions of Nia. very cute!