eternal sailor venus

Sailor Moon

@Minako Aino


Eternal sailor suit... my favourite version of the Sailor costume! I chose to make it yellow rather than orange because I wanted it to look like in the artbooks.
With this costume, one of my dearest cosplay dreams finally came true! *___* I wanted to have a complete Sailor team with all the 10 Sailors, all with the same costumes if possible, since I decided to start cosplaying. Thanks to Ivy and my friends, 9 years later, we finally made it! I could never have dreamt of such a group, we really had all the characters I wanted, and all of our costumes looked the same. We had a lot of fun all together, and I think it really shows on many pictures we took that day. ^^ I really thank all the girls who entered the group... especially since this costume was planned for another group, but it seemed some of us weren't good enough to be part of it after all ;) So, girls, THANK YOU! <3


@Minako Aino
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Series Sailor Moon
Character Eternal Sailor Venus


KoriStarfire Thank you so much for the comments! Your Venus costumes are such an inspiration! Especially the Eternal Fuku! It looks so crisp and clean and you're such a beautiful Venus!