Seras [Ceras] Victoria




Pip is my favorite character from Hellsing but I loved how kick ass Seras became in the later Chapters. So that's one of the reasons I picked out the blood version of Seras' outfits.

My costume is made out of a cotton which I picked out to match the socks I bought. The skirt is lined and the top was made at the last minute before my plane flight so there's a bunch I need to fix on it.
I didn't really fancy walking around with a huge arm to match the figure that's sold so I instead copied Chapter 86+ in the manga where she just has a few 'lightning' things sticking out.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Hellsing
Character Seras [Ceras] Victoria
Variant Blood - Chapter 86


visual-kei-neko omg its so good! <3 i wish i could find someone to commission this outfit for me cuase i still cant sew to good :(

piugamefan That beautiful I brought indeed you still have exelent your seemed with the personage congratulations

MoonlightVeil Nice! You see alot of the "Police Girl" Seras and "Vamp in training' Seras cosplays but not many of the I like to call "Bad @$$" Seras cosplays.

Anitaku where did you get the socks?

Angeal this is an awesome costume and you did great in the pics

EnigmaticEngel Very nice job, and you really look like her and I don't just mean the outfit either :)

Lizzeh Great job! ^^

seras9011 waaaa ke lindaa te vez

KiraOtakuu Best ;>

Zerooiri You're a great Victoria! You look really cool! =D

seras9011 tienes un graaan parecido a eia (:

-_-alucard-_- i love your cosplays

nicholii i think i saw you at atkumex was this the cosplay you wore? didnt have a wing?

Zack_Fair_2002 Love the cosplay. You look great. And I think I saw you at ALA 08. You were Yuuko if it was you