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As soon as I saw her in the 5th artbook, I knew I must make her!! Technically, I started this one back in 1998, but just with the accessories.. To me, the most notable feature of this costume is the dress. In the artwork, nowhere did I see any lines to indicate there was a skirt like the senshi fuku, so I based it on a princess seamed dress, with a slight variation to get the front to lay flat for the rainbow of ribbons. A friend of mine who has crossplayed Cosmos had a whole lotta trouble transporting his staff, so I made mine so it can be broken down into 2 pieces for easier (but not by much) transport. For the feathered accessories, I wanted wings, dammit! Thankfully I was able to find left & right quills... And I wanted to make the chaos stars in the lockets look like they were floating some. Oh, and all the stars are made of brass and tin. (I adore the hobby shop near me!) Even went as far as making the earrings and rings. Just because I'm psycho about details. x_x


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Character Sailor Cosmos


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