Agent 47 / Hitman


Special photoshoot by FLeX : share the magic there :
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Series Hitman
Character Agent 47 / Hitman

nir8007 how you do the tattoo?

Centaure Goldnectar : so what ? XD

Goldnectar Nice look, but c'mon, its a bald guy in a black suit with a red tie and guns...if i saw this on Halloween night I would think, "Huh, thats a clever last minute idea."

Queen Anime 99 Hitman!

English Suicide looks like a fun cos to wear. Almost to good. Hopefully those are not loaded. XD. English.

Kashio niceee work man...Hitman rox =D

Centaure wakalimasen, gomen !

Jacky 貴方はすごく似ている。 私は感動した!!

Mikaeru-san Show! [/)]

Milady tiens, un showcase !

Hitori Perfect! Great photos, and a great cos! Loving it

Sakura Efreet This is great!

Moooomoo Ben ouais, on peut rien y faire tu roxxes et les photos déchires.... ^^ excellent choix de perso !

Ashurachan wow un showcase ! Félicitations !

gwegz Je plussoie... Carrément en showcase, quoi ^^

Minako Aino Félicitations pour le showcase ^^ La séance déchire, merci Flexgraph ^^

Elaïse Waaaaaaaaaaaa en showcase^^

Kaden Super awesome.

Yuriko_Oyama This costume is great and you managed to be very in-character!

DianA-sama That's very perfect! I love it when there's a perfect choice for the character!