causticoward as Cheetara



Udon Studios

Cosplayer: causticoward
The costume is made from dress weight suede, flesh mesh, and fun fur, with a built-in bra (Victoria's Secret convertible miracle bra in the criss-cross back configuration). The wig is a combination of two wigs, with feathers woven into it. Most of the fur was handsewed onto the flesh mesh. Most of the credit for workmanship goes to Queen of Hearts costumes in Kitchener. I selected the main materials and wig colours. The logo was a patch bought on Ebay.

The costume is a single piece except the wig, bracelets, and wrist cuff, to stop the lengthy time it would take to secure the boots, etc, if they were not attached. The makeup used is snazaroo, starblend, MAC, and some Krylon.