Polka Dot Kimono (Brigade)


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Well, my friends and I needed an easy 'Sunday' costume to throw on. I'm a complete and total sucker for polka-dots, so when I saw this fabric in a variety of colors at work I knew we HAD to do something. Kala Snacks and I collaborated and came up with a super simple design for short kimonos.
These only took an afternoon to make, but it's one of my favourite things to wear. So adorable! We made matching little bows for our hair and garters, as well as little draw-string purses with bells on them so we jingle when we walk.
I rock a navy blue kimono, but the other girls wear pink (Kala Snacks), green, black and red. We all went with colors that we thought looked well on us, without much regard as to how we would look all together! XD
@Panda Treats
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Character Polka Dot Kimono (Brigade)

bluestbunnie This is adorable!! I love the sleeves!! I WANT ONE!!