Queen Brahne

Final Fantasy IX

@Crazy Flower


I was somewhat "coerced" into this costume, but now I'm a bit more inspirational about it. This one will take a lot more planning than I'm used to, but I love a good challenge.

I found that a lot of unorthodox techniques and items had to be used for this costume. Like sewing Styrofoam into fake hair for the gravity-defying effect, or using upholstery fabric for the coat and stuffing about 7-8 pounds of stuffing into the fur trim. I'm still working on skin color, in between aquacolor and liquid latex, I want to make sure that the blue is proper and correct.


@Crazy Flower
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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Queen Brahne


MDA Amazing Queen Brahne!

Kiba the Levite Your cosplay of Queen Brahne is amazing!! Awesome job!!

green_with_Envy O____O AMAZING!

[email protected] You are amazing! such and awesome cosplay and cosplayer!

Knight-13 OMG! I am so amazed on how you did it! It was a really great job! {Don't see much off FF9 anymore...} But wow!

happysmeagol I remember looking at this about a year ago. I felt really amazed(I still do :]) Queen Brahne is one of my favorite characters, but she doesn't get much love :( ...probably because it is such a difficult costume. Did I mention you look breathtakingly amazing?